The Taming of The SHrew

Directed by Aly Marie Mazzie

Accompanied by Chad Gorn & Abby Rose Morris

Shayne Vasquez     Abby Rose Morris   Cara Corrigan    Rebecca Hassler       as Petruchio         as Katherine             as Bianca                    as Tranio

Valleri Bowman           Marlee Waliek      Kelly Krieger             Beatrix Devine

 as Lucenzio              as Curtis/hostess    as Sly/Hortensio       as Page/Widow

Dylan Mccombs          Brooke O'Mara                   Mackenzie Maula        Josh Wesson           Alexia Correa            Megan Graham

as Baptista Minola      as Grumio                     as Messenger/Nathaniel    as Lord/Peter         as Biondello              as tailor/Joseph

Blaire Sharman 

as Vincenzio/Philip

* Not pictured: 

Jake Jeffers: Huntsman

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