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The Emperor Of The Moon

Adapted by Claire Seelig                                                                           Composed/Music Directed by Conor Alguire

Based on original text by Aphra Bahn                                                          Illustrated by Avery Infranco

Directed by Claire Seelig                                                                          Sound Designed by Jacob Garnjost

Assistant Directed by Rose Meehan

A celebration of Women writers
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                     (As spoken by The Cast)



Long, and at the vast Experience the industrious Stage

Has strove to please a dull ungrateful Age:


With Hero's and with Gods we first began,

And thunder'd to you in Heroick Strain.


Some dying Love-sick Queen each Night you injoy'd,

And with Magnificence, at last were cloy'd:


Our Drums and Trumpets frighted all the Women;

Our fighting scar'd the Beaux and Billet Deux Men.


In humbler Comedy, we next appear,

No Fop or Cuckold, but slap-dash we had him here;


We show'd you all, but you malicious grown,

Friends Vices to expose, and hide your own;


Cry, Damn it ―― This is such or such a one.

Yet netled, Plague, What do's the Scribler mean,

With his damn'd Characters, and Plot obscene?


No Woman without Vizard in the Nation,

Can see it twice, and keep her Reputation ―― that's certain


Forgetting ――

That he himself, in every gross Lampoon,

Her lewder Secrets spreads about the Town;


Whilst their feign'd Niceness is but cautious Fear,

Their own Intrigues shou'd be unravel'd here.

Act one scene one
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