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The route of Pericles

Track the Journey

All the flowers indicate different stops on Pericles' voyage

Brought to you by our wonderful dramaturg: Arly Ruebens

Fun Facts

- Though Pericles is one of today's lesser known Shakespearean works, back in Shakespeare's day it was one of the MOST popular!

-Pericles is a very close retelling of the legend of "Apollonius, the king of Tyre.

-It is debated that Pericles was CO-AUTHORED by Shakespeare! There is a large amount of evidence pointing to one of the playwrights within Shakespeare's company (The King's Men) helped pen the play. That playwright is known as: George Wilkins.

-Wilkins is also known for authoring the novel, "The Painful Adventures of Pericles, Prince of tyre."



-A legendary poet of the 14th Century. He is best known for his work "Confessio Amantis." 

-Confessio Amantis is one of the main texts Shakespeare pulled from to write Pericles. In this text he talks indepthly on the legend of Apollonius, which Shakespeare closely adapted into Pericles.

-Because of this, Shakespeare intentionally wrote John Gower to serve as the narrator of the play.