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Who was Macbeth?

**The play is not
an accurate 
re-telling of his

Macbeth, also known as, Mac bethad mac Findlaich, was an actual Scottish king who reigned in the 11th century  (1040-1057). 

Revered for his strong leadership, Macbeth led Scotland for 17 years before he was defeated by Malcolm at the battle of Dunnsinnan. 

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History fun facts

-It is speculated that Shakespeare wrote Macbeth in order to gain the approval of the newly crowned Scottish king, king James I & VI. The king at the time had a huge fascination with witches and all things supernatural. 
-This play is 600 years old! It was written around 1604-1606)


The Supernatural
Brief Summary

Three witches prophesied that Macbeth will be the next king of Scotland. 


Determined to ensure that's true, Macbeth sets out, with the help of his wife , Lady Macbeth, to kill the current king, Duncan, and assume the throne.


Only things get sticky when you try to mess with fate...


and the witches are always watching.


Prophecies are always changing. 


Belladonna's Bridegroom: Bellona was the Roman goddess of war. Here the Thane of Ross praises Macbeth's unsurpassed skill on the battlefield, referring to him as "Bellona's bridegroom."  (bridegroom means groom)

Aleppo: Aleppo is the second largest city in modern day Syria. Note* that when Shakespeare wrote Macbeth, Aleppo was under the control of the Ottoman Empire and would have been a place of great mystery to the Elizabethans.

Mister of the Tigre: The Ship the sailor in the witch's story is the captain of!


Sentinel: One who keeps watch. A guard. 


Tarquin: A Roman king, whom Macbeth is often compared to. 


God's Benison: "God's blessing." 

Parricide: The killing of a parent. 

Eterne: Eternal. 

Jocund: Cheerful/light hearted.

Nonpareil: Having no match or equal to. 

Bedlams: Hags. 

Palter: To act insincerely.


The Tigre is the name of the ship the sailor in the witch’s story is the captain of.

The Tigre is the name of the ship the sailor in the witch’s story is the captain of.

The Lore.

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There's a bit of a lore within the theater that the show Macbeth is CURSED! When people say the word "Macbeth" or quote the show within proximity to a theater, strange occurrences happen! This is why so many refer to it as, "The Scottish play."