study guide edition

After weeks of wild partying and crazy nights, The king Ferdinand and his men have made a pact to renounce women and focus ONLY on their studies... this proves to be hard when the lovely Princess of France and her ladies in waiting show up.

When the Princess and her ladies request an audience with the King, he refuses to let them stay within his palace; determined to keep his pact. However as time goes on it gets harder and harder for the men to ignore these witty ladies. As they quickly start falling in love with the women, each begins to contemplate ending their pact; only to keep it for the sake of the others. Amused by the boys and their shenanigans the girls set out to tease these silly boys, entrapping them in a series of pranks in the process. In the end the girls head home to France skeptical of the boys feelings. They deny their proposals and tell them they'll only reconsider after they've thought about it for a year and a day.


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