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Braving the Bard is an online theater company made up of theater artists from all over the world! We're constantly looking for new collaborators to join our team and help us craft something magical.

If you're interested in any of the positions below, please email a headshot & resume to or send us an inquiry below! 

Not sure how you want to contribute? No worries, reach out and we can talk about the plethora of positions available within our company!

Please note: We understand that often times Shakespearean productions come across a certain way (I.E that you need to be a perfect Shakespearean scholar to perform it) and we would like to stress here and now that that's not how we roll! We are committed towards taking the elitism out of performing Shakespeare & committing ourselves to finding/exploring the joy within this beautiful text. We're not looking for Shakespeare scholars, just risk-takers ready to embrace the joy of collaboration and BRAVE the unknown!

Diversity and inclusivity are of the utmost priority here at Braving the Bard, we strive to use our platform as a means to lift up & amplify oppressed voices. With this in mind we would like to especially encourage artists of color & members of LGBTQ+ community to apply for roles and positions within our company! 

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